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Shandona Found Second Rare Earth Mines With A Capacity Of 435 Thand Tons

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Recently, Shandong qeophysical and Geochemical Exploration Institute discovered a rare earth mine in Xuecheng District of Zaozhuang city. The estimated reserves of the mine reached 435 thousand tons and the tntal amount of rare earth oxides was between 05%-162% with an averane orade of 1 03% and reached an industrial scale of medium scale. This is the second rare earth mine discovered in Shandong province.
Previously, Shandong Province found onl a small amount of rare earth minerals and resources in Weishan County chishan. Exploration found that the main rare earth elements of Xuecheng Zaozhuang rare earth minerals are cerium, lanthanum, neodymium, praseodymium and more than 10 kinds, as well as radioactive elements thorium, uranium and other elements, molybdenum, lead, etc., buried in the depth of about 220 meters.

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